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On behalf of staff members of School of Education, I welcome you to our webpage. We are committed to excellence in education, scholarship, motivation and we inspire by example. We work diligently with our students to discover how to turn their interests into successful careers. In our Institution, you will find School of Education rich in tradition and focused on innovating and producing quality teacher’s. Each of our Graduates has a unique story to tell and continues to inquire, innovate and inspire. We invite you to join us and celebrate the joy of learning.

About us

Before the establishment of the Best legacy college of Education, there was Best legacy International High school which was established in 1996 to profound impact in the secondary education sub-sector by providing quality Education that incorporates high moral values at a time that restoring the moral component of our education system has become a love of first order concern to the government and other stakeholders in the system.

The management felt a strong need to diversify into the tertiary sub sector of the educational system in order to contribute to the success of the federal Government’s Universal Basic Education scheme. To this end, the Board of Directors took a far reaching decision to set up Best Legacy College of Education to train teachers for the Universal Basic Education Scheme.

The School of Education offer fundamental General Education courses (EDUC) as well as General Studies Education (GSE) and also focuses on building the competencies and capacities of Early Childhood Teachers in Nigeria (NCE -ECCE Minimum Standard). The objective of this Early Childcare and Education/Primary Education program (double major) according to the minimum standard of NCE-ECCE Is to promote professional knowledge of pre-service teachers in areas of child development and learning, To implement high quality learning at early childhood level and also to enhance professional engagement standards of pre-service teachers which will result in high ethical standards and legal responsibility of ECCE teachers.

Teaching practice

It is compulsory for all NCE students. It has to be done in the candidates teaching subject(s) and has to be passed for the candidate to earn the 6 credits required for graduation in this course area which will last for a full semester duration which will run at a stretch from beginning of NCE III 1st Semester to the end but only students who pass EDU 213 (micro teaching Theory) would qualify to offer EDU 223 (micro teaching practicum) and only students who pass EDU 223 would qualify to go on Teaching practice.


Mission, vision and philosophy

Mission: To advance the frontiers of learning and break new grounds, through teaching, research and the dissemination of knowledge of the highest quality; to establish and foster national and international integration, development and the promotion of African traditions and cultures; to produce high-level human power and enhance capacity building through restructuring, in order to meet the needs and challenges of the catchments area, Nigeria and the rest of the world.

Vision: The School of Education shall be a world-class faculty comparable to any other, engaged in imparting contemporary knowledge, using high quality facilities and multidisciplinary approaches, to men and women of all race as well as generating new ideas and intellectual practices relevant to the needs of its immediate community,. Nigeria and the world at large.

Philosophy: To produce certified and well motivated NCE-ECCE teachers equipped with skills, knowledge, attitude and personality that would make them deploy education effectively and efficiently in Nigeria and the world.


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Address: Oke Memorial Estate, Oke Owode Area, along Ikirun Road, in Ogbomoso North Local Government Area Of Oyo State.