School Of Arts & Social Sciences

School Of Arts & Social Sciences


Art and Social Sciences are based on structures which study activities of man through separate disciplines. It necessitated that social studies deals with the experiences of man in his physical and social environments. Thus instructors in social studies require information from the various subject areas and disciplines of the entire School curricula and any other form of human experiences. Its development in all facets of the educational system of Nigeria has been encouraging. Today it is regarded as courses that aids in the search for solutions to man's problem of survival.

Man is a unique creature in the environment. He is an explorer of nature, endowed with free will and capable of rational thinking and actions made possible by his amazingly complex brain. Man has always been concerned about the environment in which he lives.

The following disciplines constitute the Arts and Social Sciences.

  • Geography.
  • Economies.
  • Political Science,
  • Social Studies
  • Religious Studies ( Islamic Studies $ Christian Religion Studies)
  • The focus of all the Arts and Social Science disciplines is man's relationship with his social, physical and cultural environments. However, each of them focuses on a segment of man's life in the environment

    Arts and Social Science Education works towards achieving the following objectives:

    ✓To produce prospective teachers with proper leadership qualities.

    ✓ To produce teachers with the knowledge, skills and attitudes which will enable them to contribute to the growth and development of their communities in particular and their nation in general

    ✓ To produce teachers who have sound mastery of their subject areas and the ability to impart such knowledge to their students.

    ✓ To equip teachers with a mastery of problem solving skills and to enhance the skills of teachers in the use of new technologies.

    ✓ To produce highly committed, motivated, conscientious and efficient classroom teachers for our educational system.

    ✓ To produce teachers with strong moral values, self-reliance and entrepreneurial capabilities.