About the College


The Overarching BENEFITS of studying in the College

There are so many potential strengths that BELCOED is designed to build upon and develop into something very special. We share the vision of the Proprietor of the college wholeheartedly as well as the passion that will ensure its realization.
This is an opportunity for any career teacher and professional educator-whether relatively new to the profession, or longer-serving people such as most of us.
The buildings are of an exceptionally high quality in terms of design and facilities provided. The site is of considerable size, allowing us the opportunity to offer a wide range of teacher education opportunities within a green, peaceful and natural environment, in the heart of the town.

A Glimpse of BELCOED

  • Offers NCE Curriculum in a seamless setting
  • Impact and change the lives of others in so many positive ways and in line with the founders vision.
  • At BELCOED, we know that the work our students do each day is extremely important and worthwhile.
  • Aspire to be a part of the solution to the problems that challenge the country's and the world's educational system and our communities.
  • Create a safe and nurturing environment where others can excel to heights they never dreamed.
  • Instill self-respect and self-esteem in children that will, in turn, foster respect for others.
  • Give hope and skills to our students, both of which are essential to a productive life.


Who we are

BELCOED is an NCE awarding Teacher Education institution designed to discover the innate potential of every would-be teacher and fully accredited by the NCCE, Abuja, a body that is saddled with the responsibility of developing and producing competent, well-trained, professional and resourceful individuals that are the prides of the nation with the ability to excel in the opportunities and challenges of our complex and dynamic teacher education world.

Excellence with proven integrity and qualitative education at moderate fee (because we believe nobody can actually quantify education with money) are the hallmarks of our college.
We are also mindful of building total young adults for a challenging future; hence, we offer Pre-NCE, NCE, PDE IJMB, Entrepreneurial and innovative education whereby our products can be self-reliant after passing through BELCOED, as we expose them not only to Teacher Education Programs but also to skill acquisition programs to become resourceful and useful to themselves and the society at large.

BELCOED parades the best in terms of human resources, with this, it becomes easier for us to offer mentoring, leadership training, world class tutelage, with all sense of commitment and service.
We also create a supportive environment where the personal and academic potential of each student can be developed: No student is overlooked. We offer well delivered and challenging teacher education curriculum by the best hands you can find around.
Another thing that gives us an edge over other colleges of education is our beautiful landscape campus in safe environment with the state of the art facilities. Our vision is to be the best around, building our nation through scintillating teacher education, academic excellence and moral training. We urge our esteemed parents and partners in progress to visit us and see for themselves what we claim to have as this medium can only provide an outline of the school and what it can offer your child, brother, sister and friends and other relatives of yours.