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The College is registered and recognized by the National
Commission for Colleges of Education (NCCE). All the courses offered in the different schools within the college are
accredited by the commission (NCCE) to ensure total
compliance with the NCE minimum standards.




We have the vision of building a total teacher that is filled with various teaching skills in an intellectually stimulating environment, hence, our motto, INVESTMENT IN HUMANRESOURCES IS THE GREATEST ASSETS.
BELCOED’S vision was borne out of passion to be a model for all other private colleges of Education in Nigeria and a leading example of how a teacher education institution should be in a society that is in need of more qualified, well-trained teachers with academic excellence and moral values like ours.



We believe strongly that teacher education determines, to a large extent, what becomes of our education system as good teacher education is sine qua non to educational advancement. This is why the foundation of NCE program that we run in the college is of paramount importance with a long lasting effect on the entire life of such a student, we therefore intend to build a strong foundation in our students that will position them in the right side of life in the future.
We believe also that education is a right for all children and they deserve the best education, which is why the proprietor of the school is selfless when it comes to educating the students.
We strongly believe that education is a potent tool in building a nation and any nation that is keen on national development needs to pay more attention to education and that is why we are doing all we can to complement the efforts of the government to provide qualitative teacher education as we know that NO NATION CAN RISE ABOUT THE EXPERIENCES OF HER TEACHERS.


Therefore, at BELCOED;

+  We intend to develop integrated, life applicable and life promoting Education.
+  We want to process the mental capacity of our students into productive and resourceful      entities.
+  We focus on human development with the ultimate goal of creating an environment that      would foster a total child/adult who will be relevant to his world.
+  We intend to train our students to face the challenges of life by making them become      intellectually conscious of their environment and able to maximize existence.

+  We intend to graduate well trained teachers that will be resourceful, intellectually equipped      and self-reliant.