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The College is registered and recognized by the National
Commission for Colleges of Education (NCCE). All the courses offered in the different schools within the college are
accredited by the commission (NCCE) to ensure total
compliance with the NCE minimum standards.




The overall administration of the school rests on the joint efforts of the members of the board of Directors, the Governing Council, the Provost and other members of the management. The curricula being used by the school are coordinated from the school through the NCCE. The staff at BELCOED are experienced with several holding advanced degrees in their chosen field of endeavours.


BELCOED has five schools, namely;

  • School of Arts and Social Sciences

  • School of Education

  • School of Vocational & Technical Education

  • School of Languages

  • School of Sciences



Late chief Isaiah Abisara Oke was an educationist par excellence, an industrialist and philanthropist of high repute. He has been involved with the educational development of the youths for the past four decades. Chief Oke’s passion for education is second to none. Thousands of the youths have been effectively trained to become useful to the society today, through his scholarship scheme and training program. He received several awards both locally and internationally for his outstanding contributions to education in Nigeria.



An appointed Board of Directors headed by the sons of the late Proprietor in persons of Mr. Damilola Oke and Mr. John Oke who oversee BELCOED’s development. This board retains financial responsibility for the school’s development and is saddled with the responsibility of policy formulation for the school. The Board of Directors delegates the day-to-day running of the school to the existing School Management headed by the Provost.

The college has the Provost, Deputy Provost, Registrar, Bursar, Librarian, Dean, students Affairs as the management staff.




Having inherited standard facilities and infrastructures from the Proprietor of the college big enough to house a college of education like ours, the school is no doubt well equipped with facilities which include Large Lecture Theatre (LLT), various classrooms, a basic tech room, language room, an Art Room, a playing field, a counsellor’s office, a multi-purpose hall, and administrative offices. Others include: well-equipped laboratories: Computer lab, Chemistry Lab, Biology Lab, Physics Lab, Home Economics Lab, Music and Language Lab.

Well stocked ICT lab with internet facilities.

Fully equipped health center with qualified medical personnel.

Beautifully furnished students’ common room for social activities.

Quality cafeteria and dining hall for sumptuous meal by qualified cooks.

Well stocked bookshops with all recommended books to read/ for sales

Well-equipped technical workshop for wood work, metal work, ceramics, technical drawing and electrical works.

Well stocked library and functional ICT.

Uninterrupted power and regular water supply. Large playing ground, football field, law tennis courts, volley ball court etc.

Large piece of farmland for Agric. Sc. practical that includes poultry, fish pond and school gardens